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tiny marine organisms each the size of a period found in great numbers on lobsters' lips

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Males of the two hitherto described representatives of the phylum Cycliophora (2), with a body length of about 40 [micro]m.
Triploblastic relationships with emphasis on the acoelomates and the position of Gnathostomulida, Cycliophora, Plathelminthes, and Chaetognafha: a combined approach of I8S rDNA sequences and morphology.
Invertebrate zoologists consider the phyla Dicyemida, Orthonectida, Placozoa, Cycliophora, Entoprocta (Kamptozoa), Chaetognatha, Pterobranchia, and Enteropneusta along with the order Seisonidae.
Among animals, there were Mesozoa, Gnathostomulida, Bryozoa, Cycliophora, Myzostomida, and Nemertea; also there are Rotifera, Nematomorpha, Scalidophora, Acanthocephala, Entoprocta, and Gastrotricha from Coelomata.
The only group of healthy lobster epibionts, which recently received attention for the research community, is symbiotic Cycliophora associated with lobster mouthparts (Obst & Funch 2006, Obst et al.