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tiny marine organisms each the size of a period found in great numbers on lobsters' lips

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A new species of Cycliophora from the mouthparts of the American lobster, Homarus americanus (Nephropidae, Decapoda).
They have named the creature Symbion pandora and have assigned it to an entirely new phylum, which they call Cycliophora.
Males of the two hitherto described representatives of the phylum Cycliophora (2), with a body length of about 40 [micro]m.
Table 1 Major proposed basal neural bodyplan features of lophotorhozon taxa Character (general) Taxon Number of Segmentation Ventral nerves ventral with metameric longitudinal ganglia nerves ANNELIDA 1-5 (formation + + starts with 2 in early larva) ECHIURA 2 (fused) + - SIPUNCULA 2-3 (fused) + (larva only) - MOLLUSCA 4 (2 ventral, 2 - - visceral [lateral]) ENTOPROCTA 4 (2 ventral, 2 - - visceral [lateral]; swimming-type larva only) CYCLIOPHORA 2 FMRFamidergic.
A mitochondrial genomics study was initiated using organisms from invertebrate phyla including Priapulida (Halicryptus spinulosus), Rotifera (Encentrum tectipes), Acanthocephala (Echinorynchus gadi), Gnathostomulida (Gnathostomula peregrini), Cycliophora (Symbion pandora), and Nematoda (Oscheius tipulae and Rhabditoides regina).