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Imports of Cyclic Hydrocarbons has grew month on month basis by 11.24%.
[18-22] produced selective complexing sorbent which solves many analytical problems such as (i) the use of Ni and Co complexes bonded to the silica surface via [beta]-diketonate groups to elute alkane-alkene pairs [18] or via thiol groups for separation of cyclic hydrocarbons, cyclic ethers, and chloro derivatives of aliphatic hydrocarbons [19] and (ii) bonded Cu, Ni, and Cr to the silica surface via ketoamino groups to elute halogenated hydrocarbons, geometric isomers, olefin, ethers, thioethers, cyclic hydrocarbons, aromatic, and ketones [2022].
In 2011, Taiwan exported US$340 million of various goods to Chile, representing a 23.1% increase over a year ago, with integrated circuits, petroleum products, semiconductors, briquettes, cyclic hydrocarbons and telephones making up the majority of the exports.
COCs are composed of ethylene linkages interspersed with norbornene cyclic hydrocarbons; these "large bridged ring elements" enhance stiffness, heat resistance, and barrier properties.
This two-part volume in the "Chemistry of Functional Groups" series, dealing with the chemistry of cyclic hydrocarbons and their derivatives and edited by Rappoport (the Hebrew U., Israel) and Liebman (U.
The scrubber is most effective against unsaturated hydrocarbons, but may be effective against saturated or cyclic hydrocarbons. The scrubber fully oxidizes the hydrocarbons to C[O.sub.2] and water.
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