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a human being whose body has been taken over in whole or in part by electromechanical devices

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He is encouraged by the world's attitude to them, and believes that they, like cyborgs, will have to be given the respect they deserve.
Summary: Neil Harbisson, the world's first officially recognised cyborg, has a wifi-enabled antenna in his head
The artist punctuates these exchanges with a montage of Memphis streets shot from the passenger window of a minivan, footage of the artisanal creation of a gold-plated grill, and scenes of the comedians and a female cyborg character flinging trash on the ground.
While Superhero Cyborgs is about gifting superhero arms, it allows the kids to design their own superhero powers, thus adding a ray of sunshine to their lives.
The experimental results on navigation show that our method successfully trained the rat cyborgs in a short time.
AIs populate cyberspace controlling the actions of humans and cyborgs.
Human beings are already cyborgs and will become more and more so because of the continuing and increasing appropriation and incorporation of technologies into the human body and life.
Will the cyborgs in "Terminator: Genesis" be more human than machine?
Like Haraway, we recognise an old species in cyborgs and steady companions to what we rephrase as 'the intellectual resource' of 'being human'.
Grace a ces techniques, il s'agirait non seulement d'augmenter les capacites de l'homme (d'oE le nom "Humanity +" choisi par le mouvement a l'echelle internationale), mais aussi de preparer la transition vers des "posthumains", sortes de cyborgs (organismes cybernetiques) qui succederaient a notre espece.
Cyborgs could be used to help businesses up their scale of production, through employees being much stronger or more capable, he believes.
Alienated from his family and friends, Houston created a new family amongst the other cyborgs on the Moon.
En cualquier caso, hasta ahora los cyborgs por fortuna no han sido protagonistas ni de los delirios cosmicos ni de los suenos de exterminar al enemigo comunista.
Like his former lover Hoch, Hausmann also highlighted cyborgs with technologically augmented hearing and vision.
Borges turns up in a variety of modes in these pages: as precursor, prophet, and critic with respect to the questions urged upon us by recent theorizing regarding cyborgs and the posthuman.