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a human being whose body has been taken over in whole or in part by electromechanical devices

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THE Japanese government is to invest in cyborg technology - a fusion of man and machine - to improve the lives of the country's ageing population.
The cyborgs by Shikhlinskaya convey the feeling of a widespread invasion of technology into ordinary life.
Its CGI-enmeshed protagonist and her fellow cyborgs almost seamlessly blend with the relatively authentic sets.
The action's already blistering when Motorball is just a game, but things quickly turn from a game to a hunt sequence as the cyborgs try to annihilate Alita," Rodriguez said.
Harbisson a Catalan-raised, British-born cyborg artist, explained how the antenna in his head has helped him cope with colour blindness.
He is encouraged by the world's attitude to them, and believes that they, like cyborgs, will have to be given the respect they deserve.
Summary: Neil Harbisson, the world's first officially recognised cyborg, has a wifi-enabled antenna in his head
It includes astute academic discourse examining Antigone through the lens of Donna Haraway's theoretical text "A Cyborg Manifesto." But it also breaks into lyric moments ("I am like one hundred electric eels.
Robot - A Collection of Cyborgs and Androids will run right through the summer from Saturday, June 10 to Sunday, September 10.
Superhero Cyborgs is a workshop where professional designers and engineers work along with kids in Autodesk's state-of-the-art shops to prototype their own wearable devices.
Our rat cyborgs were developed based on the previous work in [7].
AIs populate cyberspace controlling the actions of humans and cyborgs. Cyberspace as a homogeneous place simulates social processes in which we see repressed, different and multiple identities, difference, and mutual relationships to technology (Wolmark, 1994: 119-120).
The actor confirmed that there will be two cyborgs featuring in "Terminator: Genisys" in an interview to ( MTV .
Hence, the experience of scuba diving extends the domain of cyborgs beyond the mythical, virtual, or imaginary towards hybrid bodies that are in "permanent touch with the world" (Becker, 2000, page 361), including the otherworldliness of the sea.