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a human being whose body has been taken over in whole or in part by electromechanical devices

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Bostrom more or less dismisses this cyborgization pathway as being too clunky and too limited, although he acknowledges that making people smarter could help to speed up the process of developing true superintelligence in machines.
Things seem to exist on a more horizontal plane of being rather than in strict hierarchies; the existential anxieties of the characters, Major Kusanagi's notably, are therefore registered less in terms of identity politics (critics of the anime in particular have noted how gender and sexuality are muted, if not mooted, by cyborgization (7)) than basic ontology: they not only question what makes on properly human, they question the reality of subjective existence.
Aurel Codoban and other authors directly and indirectly refer to the new ideological movements and trends inspired by technological perfection (transhumanism, cyborgization (17), postgendrism).
While the destructive power of this "species of atomic bomb" is, on an immediate level, unleashed merely as an excuse for another adventure of recurring clowns Keats and Chapman, it does imply a clear and recognisably sci-fi anxiety: technology dehumanises us, transforms us into something less than the sum of our parts, a loss of some essential aspect of ourselves that is the concurrent payoff for technology's promise of cyborgization (Chapman, able to see Keats's insides, lungs and organs, must fabricate a prosthetic back for him).
In the sport the cyborgization has come to the forefront of the national consciousness in recent years.