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crime committed using a computer and the internet to steal a person's identity or sell contraband or stalk victims or disrupt operations with malevolent programs

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The malware used by the cybercriminals is designed to weaponize TeamViewer - the popular remote access sharing software.  According to researchers at Check Point, who discovered the attack, the Russian hackers targeted European embassies based in Nepal, Kenya, Guyana, Italy, Lebanon, Liberia and Bermuda. 
Where the end-user sees a new wave of retail convenience, cybercriminals simply see a refreshed revenue stream.
Bots used to amplify deceitful messaging have already been created and are available for sale on the cybercriminal underground.
In the case of a cyberattack conducted for the purposes of espionage or stealing intellectual property, the motivations of the cybercriminals could encompass a whole spectrum.
Though it's stating the obvious, if we can keep the cybercriminals out of our computers, networks and databases, then we can protect the data contained on each of these devices.
In addition to their attacks on SWIFT systems, cybercriminals have been actively using ATM infections, including those on financial institution's own networks, as well as wielding remote banking (RB) systems, PoS terminal networks, and making changes in banks' databases to 'play' with card balances.
- Credit card credentials, clones and fakes: Cybercriminals most commonly sell information such as credit card credentials.
Specifically, cybercriminals used the Diffie-Hellman encryption protocol and concealed exploit packs in Flash objects.
On the supply side, skilled hackers for the right price can package up and sell top grade exploits, exploit distribution networks, denial of service attacks, evasion packaging, ransomware capabilities, and stolen credentials, anything that makes cybercriminals successful in their attack objective.
In addition, the report provides insight into the world of Russian-speaking cybercriminals and how they interact with one another, describing the work of a virus expert, using the example of the latest version of, a Trojan that encrypts user data.
Ziad Nasrallah, principal at Booz Allen Hamilton, added: "The growth in mobile shopping throughout the Gulf region is creating a target-rich environment for cybercriminal networks to increase their operations.
'And one thing that is immediately obvious is that the cybercriminal element is growing.'
Cybercriminal Networks: Origin, Growth and Criminal Capabilities
Cited on Arab News , the report, "Norton Cyber Security Insights" revealed that 6,538,262 people had fallen victim, with 46% of millennials stating they had experience cybercriminal activity, compared to 37% of the younger generation.
Encryption Now Used as a Cybercriminal Weapon to Hold Companies' and Individuals' Critical Data Hostage