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Synonyms for honeycreeper

small to medium-sized finches of the Hawaiian islands

small bright-colored tropical American songbird with a curved bill for sucking nectar

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Un ejemplo es purunhuenhue = especies del genero Cotinga, especies del genero Cyanerpes, especies del genero Dacnis, especies Tangara guitata, Tangaragyrola, Tangara lavinia,
Coerebidae: Cyanerpes caeruleus (1); Cyanerpes cyaneus (1); Dacnis cayana (4).
albifrons (#) (+) BB,BS,DB R 327 Pseudodacnis hartlaubi (#) BB VRC 328 Chlorophanes spiza DB,BB,BS VR 329 Cyanerpes caeruleus DB,BB,BS V 330 Hemithraupis flavicollis (#) DB V 331 H.