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United States baseball player and famous pitcher (1867-1955)

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00 seasons), three strikeout titles (one 300-K season), three Cy Young awards and a no-hitter.
The pitcher won two Cy Young Awards in 2003 and 2010 and was named an All-Star eight times.
The 26-year-old lefty with a wicked curveball will find out today if he's the first NL pitcher to sweep the MVP and Cy Young honors since Bob Gibson in 1968.
In a time when nearly all players have such clauses in their contracts for MVP, Cy Young, or Gold Glove, Verlander didn't.
Who knows when we'll have another Cy Young winner from Arkansas?
From 1956 through 1966, only a single Cy Young Award winner was named for all of Major League Baseball.
leader in all three major pitching categories, Webb's chance of winning his second Cy Young in a row lies somewhere between slim and non-existent.
Pedro Martinez of the Dominican Republic won last year's Cy Young award for his outstanding pitching, while Puerto Rican Carlos Beltr[acute{a}]n took the Rookie of the Year title.
Mike Marshall - a Cy Young winner, a genuine scientist with degrees in kinesiology and related sciences, a pioneer in high-speed photography at Michigan State University, and who had even taught science in the classroom.
The "DHL Presents the Major League Baseball Delivery Man of the Month Award" winner is selected by a special Major League Baseball "yellow-ribbon" panel that includes Hall of Fame pitcher Dennis Eckersley; Darryl Hamilton, former Major League outfielder and MLB Radio Host; Jerome Holtzman, the official MLB Historian and a member of the writer's wing of the Hall of Fame; Rick Sutcliffe, 1984 NL Cy Young Award winner, ESPN and MLB International broadcaster; and Bob Watson, Vice President, On-Field Operations, Major League Baseball.
That includes the top candidates for AL MVP, NL MVP and NL Cy Young.
7 Since 1956, when the Cy Young Award was first presented, 11 pitchers have captured the Cy Young and league MVP honors in the same season.
1967 -- San Francisco's Mike McCormick won the National League Cy Young award.
On, Thursday, "King" Felix was named the AL Cy Young winner, this after coming in second in the voting last year behind the Royals Zack Greinke (http://www.