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French naturalist known as the father of comparative anatomy (1769-1832)

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(7.) There is nothing novel or surprising about the fact that Cuvier chose to focus his critique on methodological issues; on the contrary, this is of course a common approach to scientific argumentation.
He points out that the navy has known the resonance frequency of airspaces in Cuvier's beaked whales since 1998 and places the resonance frequency in the whales' cranial airspaces at about 290 hertz at 500 meters depth--precisely the middle frequency of the LFA system.
In the following scene between Baartman (The Venus) and Cuvier (The Baron Docteur), Baartman is repeatedly portrayed as having control and options concerning her captivity, and enjoying her sexual exploitation, as the following example shows:
But notice that it is part of a three-crater complex - Heraclitus, Licetus, and Cuvier. Heraclitus is the largest, measuring 56 miles in diameter, while Licetus and Cuvier are both 47 miles across.
8 Semper himself was obsessed by the powers of comparative, classificatory science and his thinking was partly based on the work of the great French zoologist Cuvier. See Hvattum, Mari 'Gottfried Semper: Towards a Comparative Science of Architecture', Architectural Research Quarterly, vol I, pp68-75.
The greatest anatomist of his day was a Frenchman, Georges Cuvier (1769-1832).
Relacao peso-comprimento de Orthopristis ruber (Cuvier) (Teleostei: Haemulidae) na baia de Sepetiba, Rio de Janeiro, Ver.
Les deux chanteuses ne sont pas professionnelles mais contribuent beaucoup aux succes des Bombyx du cuvier. [beaucoup moins que]Il y a presque dix ans que je chante avec eux.
Washington, Sept 1 (ANI): An international team of researchers has developed an approach that integrates advanced computing, X-ray CT scanners, and modern computational methods that give a 3D simulated look inside the head of a Cuvier's beaked whale, in a bid to understand the effects of noise pollution on marine life better.
Understanding where sound enters the head of the Cuvier's beaked whale could point to the original acoustic pathway for all whales and provide insight into how sonar affects the animals.
Rather than recognizing an Ancien Regime figure, it selected the foreign-born zoologist and paleontologist baron Georges Cuvier who had died six years before and whose many recognized accomplishments included defending civilization against what is identified today as pre-Darwinism.
tl.), Dasyatidae (Urolopus jamaiciensis Cuvier, 1817, 295 mm l.
Cuvier (see 1798) continued to find important and interesting fossils.
Geologists of the 18th century, such as Charles Lyell and Georges Cuvier, discovered fossils that hinted at the antiquity of Earth.
During a fishing campaign recently carried out in June of the 2000 on board ship "Aleta Azul" in front of the state of Veracruz, Gulf of Mexico, a mackerel was captured (Scomberomorus cavalla Cuvier, 1829) with the presence of 20 females and 2 males of Pandarus smithii Rathbun, 1886, in the middle-dorsal region of the host.