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French naturalist known as the father of comparative anatomy (1769-1832)

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Parmi les autres menaces, l'expert Amina Fellous voque le braconnage sur des espAaAaAeA ces emblmatiques et rares comme l'outarde houbara, la gazel dorcas ou la gazelle de Cuvier et sur le mouflon manchettes, devenu un animal mythique par sa raret, notamment avec la perte de la quitude pour la grande faune, dans tous les types d'cosystAaAaAeA mes accessibl par vhicules.
Platycephalus fuscus Cuvier in Cuvier and Valenciennes, 1829###DQ107974, DQ107989
A Cuvier whale found off the coast of Norway over the weekend did just that.
His topics are the multiple dimensions of conservation; between Cuvier and Darwin: issues in a changing heritage; the new relationship with digital heritage; and Kalliope or on interpretation, presentation, and participation: models in architectural heritage conservation.
2014: Contribution a l'etude ecologique de la gazelle de Cuvier Gazella cuvieri (Ogilby, 1841) dans l'est de l'Algerie.
Observacion del consumo de presas en el cocodrilo americano (Crocodylus acutus Cuvier, 1807): registro fotografico.
Validity of the Gerreids fish, Gerres macracanthus Bleeker,1854,with designation of a lectotype and designation of a neotype for Gerres filamentosus Cuvier, 1829.
2012a) or on behavioral observations of white sharks, Carcharodon carcharias (Linnaeus, 1758) and tiger sharks, Galeocerdo cuvier (Peron & LeSueur, 1822) feeding on cetacean carcasses (e.
Genus Globicornis Latreille in Cuvier, 1829 is one of the 62 genera established in the skin beetle family (Dermestidae) so far.
Stumped, the French scientist Georges Cuvier declared they must belong to a mammal that no longer exists, which he called the mastodon.
Shell was awarded WA-489-P, W-490-P and W-491-P in Western Australia's Exmouth Sub-Basin, and French major Total got WA-492-P and W-493-P on the continental shelf and slope of the Cuvier margin.
It was a French scientist, Georges Cuvier, who first identified the woolly mammoth in 1796.
Les membres du groupe des Bombyx du Cuvier adorent l'art, la musique et le poeme.
While Cuvier has traditionally been cast as the head of the "fixist" camp in the infamous querelle des analogues that opposed him to Geoffroy de Saint-Hilaire, (1) his work on fossils resulted in a theory that envisaged change in a quite radical way.
The Cuvier whale was left to decompose in the garden of Irish artist Dorothy Cross.