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Synonyms for cuttlefish

ten-armed oval-bodied cephalopod with narrow fins as long as the body and a large calcareous internal shell


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I was much interested, on several occasions, by watching the habits of an Octopus, or cuttle-fish. Although common in the pools of water left by the retiring tide, these animals were not easily caught.
This cuttle-fish displayed its chameleon-like power both during the act of swimming and whilst remaining stationary at the bottom.
At first I could not think what it was, but afterwards I found out that it was this cuttle-fish, which, though concealed in a hole, thus often led me to its discovery.
There's plenty to enjoy, here, in the language of discovery (the 'dark Politicks' of the 'Crafty Cuttle-Fish' mark it out as an untrustworthy specimen), while the flora from foreign shores offered a wealth of opportunity--with the Coquer-nut-tree alone a man can 'build, and furnish, and fit and victual a small ship to sea'.
They bought delicious fried cuttle-fish on a stick, the smell of seafood interchanging delicately with the bamboo incense wafting from the shrines.