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type genus of the Cuterebridae

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Biology of a California rodent botfly Cuterebra latifrons coquillett (Diptera: cuterebridae).
Natural and acquired resistance in rodent hosts to myiasis by Cuterebra fontinella (Diptera: Cuterebridae).
En este estudio se registro que 16 animales principalmente machos se encontraban parasitados por Cuterebra predominante mente en la zona de los genitales y algunos individuos presentaron reinfeccion (Manrique et al.
Top- down, bottom-up, and lateral interactions between organisms were investigated via estimating botfly (Cuterebra spp.) infection rates, estimation of Quercus mast crops, and mutualistic and competitive behaviors between O.
In addition to ear infections and inflammation, the parasite cuterebra can cause the sudden onset of vestibular syndrome.
No attempt was made to rear adult botflies from the infesting larvae; however, Cuterebra fontinella is a species that typically infests P.
Parasitism of Peromyscus leucopus by bot flies (Cuterebra fontinella) may affect movements of individual mice, because these fly larvae are large relative to the size of their hosts (Scott and Snead, 1942; Dalmat, 1943; Wecker, 1962), and they are usually found in inguinal regions of hosts (Cogley, 1991).
Although moderate or severe vision loss appeared to occur more commonly with Hypoderma than Cuterebra infestations (53.3% vs 14.3%), this frequency was not statistically significant (p = 0.08).
Knipling & Bruce (1937) reported that a second instar of Cuterebra buccata (Fabricius), a lagomorph-infesting species, was removed from a mule in South Carolina (16-VII-1935), but they provided no justification for this species assignment.
-- Twenty-two of 80 (27.5%) adult black-tailed jackrabbits (Lepus californicus) examined in southern Texas from March to July of 1996 were infected with Cuterebra sp.
A lesser-known parasite, with far greater impact, is cuterebra (kyut-[partial derivative]-'re-br[partial derivative]).
The migration of Cuterebra larvae has been considered a possible cause (see sidebar).