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handsaw that cuts at right angles to the grain (or major axis)

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Item no: 1 cut off saw machine alongwith accessories as per enclosed technical specification
Tenders are invited for supply, Installation & Commissioning of the 14 inch Cut Off Saw (Electrically operate), 4-inch angle grinder (Electrically operate), 5-inch angle grinder (Electrically operate), Straight Grinder (Electrically operate), Gauge Shear (Electrically operate), Metal Polisher (Electrically operate) & Cordless Angle Drill Driver (as per tender document enclosed) Opening date : 01 Feb 2018
Tenders are invited for Supply 02 Nos of Petrol Cut Off saw for the Karnataka state Fire and Emergency Services department
Tenders are invited for Petrol cut off saw machine Abrasive cutting machine for RCC and stainless steel Hollow section for SS cutting Technical Specifications as per Model Sharpex EHS350:- 1.
Tenders are invited for 110 Volt Electrically Operated Double Insulated Cut Off Saw. Model No Gco 14-24 J.
Tenders are invited for Abrasive Rail Cutter Petrol Engine Driven Abrasive High Speed Cut Off Saw Weight 15.3 Kgs Along With Rail Cutting Finture Tool Kit As Per Rdso S Specification No.
Tenders are invited for Abrasive Rail Cutter Namely Hasrauna - K 1250/16 119 Swedish Make Petrol Driven Abrasive High Speed Cut Off Saw Operating Manual As Per Rdso Specn No.
Among the products that will be included in the auction are 100 packages of cellphone accessories, ladies bag, universal charger, office cabinet, office chair, and kegerator; shirts and drums of yellow dye; 663 packages of cooling mat, shoe rack, slipshort, leggings, working gloves, reflective vest, pvc pipe, horn, pencil case, and caps valued at P1 million; 765 packages of rolled fabrics, ladies underwear, and gloves; a container of adjustable wrench, air hose, angle grinder, angle polisher, aspirator blower, ball point, hix key, base board and head board, battery charger and starter, claw hammer, booster cable, chain block, masonry drill bits, cut off saw; and a container of scrub, brush and knockdown plastic broom.