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An unusual case of penetrating tracheal ("Cut throat") injury due to chain snatching: The ideal airway management.
Suicidal attempt of cut throat nature are rare and suicidal incised wounds of the neck are typically multiple, often being characterized by a number of preliminary trial cuts called "tentative incisions." The classical description of the cut throat is of incisions starting high on the left side of the neck below the angle of the jaw, which pass obliquely across the front of the neck to end at a lower level on the right, for a right handed person1,4.
Steve Mills also hit double figures with 11 on Cut Throat Cats from the top of the moor side, while Les Davison caught eight from the dam on the same pattern fished very slowly on the bottom and Bill Davison had 13 over three nights from different spots around the lake.
The objective of the present study is to analyze the clinical presentation of cut throat injuries, to propose a management protocol in the treatment.
The 29-year-old is persuading an increasing number of well-groomed men in Belfast to throw away their disposable razors and shaving gel for a shave the traditional way with a cut throat razor.
Industry Minister Mr Ian McCartney said good citizen firms were tired of having to compete with "cut throat" rivals who continued to pay poverty wages.
Swashbuckling Geena had to perform an amazing series of stunts in the pirate romp, Cut Throat Island.
(1) Globally, cut throat injuries accounts for approximately 5%-10% of all traumatic injuries with multiple structures being injured in 30% of patients.
Those fishing along the margins with small black dries and wets are still having the best sport, although lures such as cut throat cat and dawson's olive have accounted for some of the better fish.
My hair looked great and the cut throat shave made my face feel really smooth.
And it's this final stage cut throat concept that had the ex-Celtic defender enthusing over the revolutionary blueprint.