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Synonyms for Ce

a ductile grey metallic element of the lanthanide series

of the period coinciding with the Christian era

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Customer engineers want to be part of something new and important, but they must under stand it first.
As the world provider of delivering services to financial, retail and hospitality customers, NCR has over 20,000 service professionals, including 13,000 Customer Engineers, with a presence in 180 countries.
After repeatedly hearing that statement, OFC realized if it truly wanted to participate in concurrent engineering activity, it needed to provide customer engineers with timely access to its resources.
CNC routers exist today which give companies as much latitude as necessary to meet the firm's contractor and direct customer's needs with just-in-time efficiencies or orders that are often custom specified by customer engineers or materials consultants.
The programme includes the actual training of customer engineers in understanding the methodology behind these improvements.
The agreement calls for JTP to provide extensive skills development training on the Documentum product range to both EMC internal and end-user customer engineers. A further related announcement came on August 28, when JTP agreed to start an SE education support program with CAPLAN, the Itochu-related temporary staffing company, for outsourced engineers, as well as IT students.
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