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United States general who was killed along with all his command by the Sioux at the Battle of Little Bighorn (1839-1876)

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Especially since that fateful day last April when Custer was hurt in a freak accident while jumping into a makeshift pool at a party near the Miami University campus.
This land transfer is necessary so Custer County can make additional improvements to its airport.
Custer died at the age of just 36 on June 25, 1876.
Custer Survivor is an interesting summary of the times and not a very complimentary view of the post Civil War enlisted man.
This volume provides a superb review of the principal architects of these various interpretations which, together with the expansive bibliography, is enough to satisfy even the more knowledgeable Custer reader.
In addition, Custer serves on the board of trustees for both the College of William Mary and William Peace University and on the board of directors of the Medical Foundation of North Carolina.
Custer County Office of Emergency Management confirmed that there were 130 homes throughout the evacuation area, and a pre-evacuation warning was issued for the Beulah Valley area.
Readers regarded Custer as the most dashing Northern cavalryman to emerge from the Civil War, and most ranked him as the country's greatest Indian fighter.
Bold, ambitious and dashing, Custer commanded attention.
The financial sector of Custer County's economy has grown as a local bank is successfully managing an aggressive statewide expansion.
Naturally, the blame was cast upon the Indians, and especially the leader who posed as Crazy Horse, who led the attack on the original Custer.
Chatsworth Products (CPI), a global manufacturer of voice, data and security, and service solutions, has named Michael Custer as its new president, replacing Larry Renaud, who is retiring at the end of September.
Back in the 19th century when the Native Americans began to get restless and took to the warpath a certain chap by the name of George Armstrong Custer took the opportunity to return to the fray.
Shooting arrows and slinging mud; Custer, the press, and the Little Bighorn.
Including information about the pageant: "Battle of the Little Bighorn Reenactment" by Joe Medicine Crow in the Foreword, "Custer's Last Battle" is hailed as an authentic, accurate retelling of the Custer story based on Indian sources.