Cuscuta gronovii

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leafless parasitic vine with dense clusters of small white bell-shaped flowers on orange-yellow stems that twine around clover or flax

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(#) Cuscuta gronovii Willd.; Common Dodder, Scaldweed; Moist meadow; Rare; C = 2; BSUH 13524.
Cuscuta gronovii Willd.: (+); Common Dodder; frequent; floodplain and along river; BSUH 12241.
Cuscuta gronovii Willd.: Common Dodder; infrequent; parasitic on plants in wet fields; BSUH 10553, 10674.
The section of West Vernal Pool that extends into the open field is dominated from late summer through fall by Bidens vulgata, Cyperus strigosus, Xanthium strumarium, and Cuscuta gronovii (which is parasitic primarily on X.
frondosa, Carex spp., Chelone glabra, Cuscuta gronovii (parasitic on teasel), Dipsacus sylvestris, Epilobium coloratum, Eupa torium perfoliatum, Impatiens capensis (abundant), I.