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Important moments, like the curved stairs, are in a smoother version of the same stone.
Communication, fun and games are the themes of the next floor, reached by ascending the curved stairs or riding up in a commercial elevator finished in gleaming chrome panels and stylish recessed lights.
Plans also show curved stairs with seat walls leading down to the riverwalk, a portion of which was constructed last year.
The link to Bull Street would include curved stairs and a pedestrian lift.
Did you know that curved stairs create more style, distinction and value than L-shaped stairs, and take no more floor space than most L-shaped models?
But after years of building straight-shot, L-shaped, and U-shaped stairways, I finally snuck up on some curved stairs - and didn't get caught.
* The plans have features usually found only in move-up housing: angled or curved stairs, kitchen islands or breakfast bars, pantries, compartmentalized baths, fireplaces, and oversized or his-and her walk-in closets.
* Features include oval tubs, two-sided fireplaces, and, in some models, window seats and curved stairs.