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United States industrialist and aviation pioneer (1878-1930)

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Curtiss is a brilliant programmer, but he's down to earth.
William Trimble's exhaustive biography of aviation pioneer Glenn Curtiss certainly drives the reader to that conclusion.
Charles and Cynthia Chapman have lived at 79 Curtiss St.
Curtiss developed many engines, each more reliable and more powerful than its predecessors.
Salmonella, the bacterium responsible for food poisoning, has proven particularly attractive for this purpose, as Curtiss explains: "Orally-administered RASVs stimulate all three branches of the immune system stimulating mucosal, humoral, and cellular immunity that will be protective, in this case, against a majority of pneumococcal strains causing disease.
that will give visitors to the museum the unique ability to "fly" the Curtiss Pusher.
Having decided to concentrate his efforts on waterborne aircraft, Curtiss produced an admirable series of flying-machines that helped get the Navy into the air.
Hero of the air; Glenn Curtiss and the birth of naval aviation.
This whole system that we have developed is a means to a green recovery of materials not requiring energy dependent physical or chemical processes," Curtiss added.
was still in high school when the seaplane tender USS Curtiss (AV-4) battled Japanese attackers at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.
The Cottage Theatre's play is co-directed by Jim Curtiss and David Work.
GA Telesis, which specialises in commercial aerospace support, has acquired the assets of Curtiss Wright Accessories Services, located in a 56,000-square-foot facility at Miami International Airport.
has closed it s Penny Curtiss commercial bakery operation.
said yesterday that would close its Penny Curtiss commercial bakery operation, effective immediately, as part of the retailer's plan to boost its long-term financial performance and further devote its resources to bettering its stores.
Written by Christian ethicist Curtiss Paul DeYoung (Professor of Reconciliation Studies, Bethel University at St.