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United States industrialist and aviation pioneer (1878-1930)

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Curtiss, aged 27, who lives in Dumfries, said: "Everything seemed fine on Saturday morning.
For more information about Cousin Curtiss and his music, visit
Curtiss Wright Surface Technology, one of their most well-known and international subsidiaries, specialises in providing material surface treatment solutions, focuses on enhancing the performance of critical materials and components.
Curtiss will focus on research coverage of regional and community banks, primarily in the Southeast region, and will be based in Nashville, Tennessee.
Curtiss' entry into custom knifemaking is no ordinary tale, either.
Curtiss is a brilliant programmer, but he's down to earth.
William Trimble's exhaustive biography of aviation pioneer Glenn Curtiss certainly drives the reader to that conclusion.
-- Cracks line the walls, door frames and floors of the Curtiss Street home struck by a car a week ago.
This book traces the development of the Navy's first airplane, from the early design and development efforts of Glenn Curtiss, to trials that were conducted by Navy and Marine officers, and the plane's use in the Mexican-US conflict in 1914 and in the Imperial Russian Navy in WWI.
Founded by Tampa Tribune alumni Rosemary Goudreau and Rosemary Curtiss, the opinion magazine ( also staffs former newspaper employees from around the state as associate editors and columnists.
Trimble deals with his subject in an objective manner, avoiding the trap of many writers about the era who show barely concealed bias toward either Glenn Curtiss or the Wright Brothers, even though their legendary feud ended nearly a century ago.
Roy Curtiss, chief scientist at Biodesign's Center for Infectious Diseases and Vaccinology, demonstrated that a modified strain of Salmonella showed a five-fold reduction in virulence in mice, while preserving strong immunogenic properties.
A full-sized, flyable replica of the aircraft flown by Curtiss pilot Eugene Ely during his historic take-off from and landing aboard Navy ships in 1910-11 got special treatment from engineers at Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) during a visit to NAS Patuxent River in April 2011.
Moffett) is a concentrated account of Glenn Curtiss' relatively short but busy life.