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an appearance by actors or performers at the end of the concert or play in order to acknowledge the applause of the audience


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As a result of this informal musing, I suggest that the absent curtain call is not mere aesthetic conceit, but political choice.
I've even suffered the horrible experience of curtain call as alarm clock, most painfully in very good seats at the National Theatre in London for Antony and Cleopatra, acutely disappointed not so much that I had missed Dame Judi Dench but the much touted live snake.
Clearly, there was a lot more going on in its decision to reject the curtain call than at first appeared.
10) Surely, given that actors generally appear large as life in the foyer to have a drink soon after 'curtain', the curtain call cannot simply be there to reassure us that the actors are 'okay'.
I would argue that it is with the integration of the chair that Brookman succeeded here, and that this was fundamental to the impact of the curtain call decision.
The reappearance of the live bodies of the actors to perform a curtain call could surely do nothing but diminish the impact of the play.
As I considered the lack of curtain call so entirely appropriate to this production, I was genuinely surprised at the vehemence of people's response to it.
Using the metaphor of the 'seam', being something that 'contains the two things it joins', States sees the curtain call as a seam that joins 'art and manners', which are 'two forms of role playing'.
In the role of Prince Florimund, the prince charming of the de Cuevas International Ballet's production of The Sleeping Beauty, he evoked twenty-eight curtain calls in an extraordinary ovation at the Theatre des Champs-Elysees.
It became apparent that the curtain was not going to rise, that there would be no curtain calls, and still the audience applauded.
Quintessential Balanchine ballerina Tanaquil LeClercq is to be honored and all former and current company members are invited to take part in a series of curtain calls.
And when it was over and time came for the curtain calls, he dropped to one knee and kissed her hand, classic gestures executed with an ardent and exquisite grace that capture t e reverence of the moment and amplified it.
His nightmare notwithstanding, the curtain calls are a study in gracious acceptance.
In the curtain calls that brought the "Classics" program to a rousing end, they let loose with somersaults and back flips, in lighting that, for once, revealed the body in its totality rather than concealing or transforming the appearance of its various parts.
The evening's real drama occurred during the curtain calls.