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United States lithographer who (with his partner James Ives) produced thousands of prints signed 'Currier & Ives' (1813-1888)

a craftsman who curries leather for use

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Mr Currier, aged 35 and originally from Stirchley, was murdered at his home on Birmingham Road, Bromsgrove, during the early hours of February 7, 2009.
Appellant contends that we should distinguish this case from Currier because, unlike the defendant in Currier, who was acquitted by a jury in his first trial, appellant's first trial ended when she prevailed on a motion to strike.
Currier utilizes belt conveyors to move the trimmed moils and tails away from its extrusion blow molding machines.
In February, Currier and fellow amputee Chuck Hildreth demonstrated the LUKE (Life Under Kinetic Evolution) arm in action at a press event held at Fratello's Italian Restaurant in the Manchester Millyard.
Currier Plastics has a planned expansion of our ISO Class 8 cleanroom operation for our injection molding, blow molding and automated assembly.
Currier, who is chief of the evaluation section of the state's Genetic Disease Screening Program.
"The administration here, especially the chief of the department, Michael Currier, is very proud of the guys and what they did.
In this book, authors Currier and Eimermann present readers with the fourth edition of their comprehensive introduction to the study of law through the development of critical thinking skills.
Lee Currier, entrepreneur development manager at NatWest, said: "Despite improving economic conditions and a widely held desire to be self employed, only a very small number of people are actually taking the plunge.
steeples, a lace dressing of snow on the ground, like the Currier &
The service so far has completed a mission needs statement as well as a concept of operations and environmental conditions analysis report, Currier said.
The vintage sleighs will be pulled by a variety of horses and compete in a dozen different classes, including the popular "Sleigh Dog'' and "Currier & Ives'' divisions.
Those who may find lengthy symphonies by the likes of Bruckner and Mahler a trifle tiresome would love this work, called Microsymph, by American composer Sebastian Currier.