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  • noun

Synonyms for speculation

Synonyms for speculation

a judgment, estimate, or opinion arrived at by guessing

abstract reasoning

a venture depending on chance

Synonyms for speculation

a message expressing an opinion based on incomplete evidence

a hypothesis that has been formed by speculating or conjecturing (usually with little hard evidence)

an investment that is very risky but could yield great profits

continuous and profound contemplation or musing on a subject or series of subjects of a deep or abstruse nature

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Similarly, globalization, technological progression, currency speculation and capital account liberalization have led to a sharp rise in cross-country flows in recent years (Hook and Boon, 2000).
The government said Thursday it is banning the use of anonymous virtual accounts in cryptocurrency transactions as part of efforts to curb virtual currency speculation.
He discusses payday lenders, financial speculation including currency speculation, caps on interest rates, and forgiveness of low-income countries' debt.
When people think about cryptocurrency, they often associate it with (https://www.wired.com/2017/01/monero-drug-dealers-cryptocurrency-choice-fire/) illicit drug sales on the darknet or volatile currency speculation. They rarely think about the ways virtual money could change daily life as a parenting tool or a family-friendly hobby.
He added that this would raise the liquidity of foreign exchange reserves and then crack down on currency speculation operations, which would accelerate the pace of exchange rate stability.
"Whatever the truth, the government's sensitivity to the trajectory of the exchange rate, even in the unofficial market, is clear in the fact that a total of 47 exchange houses have now had their operating licences revoked or suspended on allegations of currency speculation."
Putting all the currency speculation aside, De Roon's agreed fee - let's call it the PS10.8m at the close of play on Friday - makes him Boro's second most expensive signing of all time.
Citing an example, Fattouh said that Egypt's central bank has put an end the Egyptian currency speculation and increased the foreign currency reserves.
The standard line is that investors should focus on investing and not introduce currency speculation as an added risk while they pursue global diversification.
Earlier to stop currency speculation during the Asian Crisis, many Asean nations plus China, South Korea, Japan had established a network of bilateral currency swap agreements which became the "Chiang Mai Initiative".
Since Venezuela imports the vast majority of its food, the tangle of a massively corrupt import sector rife with outright theft and rampant currency speculation serves as both a strategic choke-point and a political Gordian Knot.
ISLAMABAD -- Minister for Finance Mohammad Ishaq Dar Monday said that government had checked currency speculation and convinced exporters to return money to country to stabilize rupee.
He concentrates on export trade balances, the mercantilist system, the industrialization of developing countries and the de-industrialization of developed countries, the expected resistance to this change from countries such as Germany and Japan, equalizing chronically passive trade balances, changes in foreign currency speculation, a proposed ban on licensing and taxation of betting games, the sale of gold reserves, economic activity to ensure the means of subsidence, estate-related measures, making certain economy activity a profession, and using only relevant parts of capitalism.
There is no right or wrong answer to this since currencies can move up or down at any time and trying to guess the best time to buy is, in effect, like a bit of currency speculation.
24, 2012) and "strongly backed by large external interests," is "sabotaging electric and drinking-water services and provoking scarcities, higher prices, and currency speculation to disrupt the government and create social unrest." Ramonet did not specify the source of the external interests but said the opposition has targeted local elections seen as political and social bellwethers.