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Synonyms for devaluation

a lowering in price or value

Words related to devaluation

an official lowering of a nation's currency

the reduction of something's value or worth

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Shaikh Ahmad Bin Saeed Al Maktoum, chairman and chief executive officer of Emirates Airline and Group, said that higher fuel costs and currency devaluations in markets including India, Brazil, Angola, and Iran wiped around Dh4.6 billion from the group's profits.
The perception that currency devaluations are overrated--ineffective--as a means of enhancing national prosperity may reflect a failure to distinguish market signals from policy actions.
More recently, ex-Bank of England chief Mervyn King sounded the alarm on competitive currency devaluations when he alluded to the use of active exchange rate management as an alternative to domestic monetary policy by various countries in the coming months ahead.
Industrial development and strengthening trade ties with Europe will gradually help to reverse recent setbacks in purchasing power resulting from currency devaluations and double digit inflation over the past two years.
The report also showed that while Latin America had 8% of global mobile subscribers at the end of 2003, the region only earned 4% of the world's mobile revenues because of currency devaluations and low average revenue per user (ARPU).
offers a product to mitigate the risk of currency devaluations that could hinder investors in projects in emerging markets from paying debts for investments.
Real Exchange Rate Liquidity (REX), offered by Sovereign Risk Insurance Ltd., based in Hamilton, Bermuda, is a political risk insurance product designed to partially mitigate the risks that large currency devaluations can cause to an infrastructure project's ability to make debt service payments.
Sales in Latin America were down 3.7% for the year, largely because of currency devaluations. Sales in Argentina declined in 2001, reflecting the impact of the country's economic crisis, but market share was up.
According to the report, 1999 will likely be a rebound year for South America, after the economies of several key countries were hurt by the fall in world oil prices and by currency devaluations in 1998.
The crisis then spread rapidly to Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines, provoking currency devaluations and the tumbling of the stock exchange.
Those countries had a long history of currency devaluations, so world investors demanded higher interest rates.
Not only are prices cheap, following the round of currency devaluations in the region, but
If the decline of the yen cuts into China's economic growth rate, it could cause another round of devastating currency devaluations.
He also noted that international business had weakened somewhat from currency devaluations in key Latin American markets.
"Sure, there are plenty of opportunities to make money, but traditional emerging market risk--losing investment value as a result of currency devaluations, political instability and, of course, making the wrong kind of investment--could sour your portfolio," says Judith Aidoo, president of The Aidoo Group.