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Each of these readings offers valuable insights, but more relevant for my purposes are Johnston's searing 2007 essay 'Late, Late Curnow: A Mind of Winter' and Roberts's lively, authoritative review in 2001 of Curnow's last collection, The Bells of St Babel's, in the New Zealand Listener.
Prosecutor Byron Broadstock told Cardiff Crown Court Thomas and Curnow had received PS210 for the stash after selling it to a pawn brokers.
Paentiodd Sydney Curnow Vosper (1866-1942) ei waith enwog yng Nghapel y Bedyddwyr Salem, Cefncymerau, ger Harlech yn 1908.
Every few months Wystan Curnow and I meet for a two hour coffee session in Chancery Lane.
Curnow's clear, cogent argument shows why Latin American liberation theology and Lonergan studies are not theological ships passing in a postconciliar, pluralist night.
Curnow says in general quality is what people are spending serious money on.
Prosecutors say Carter called another officer, Brent Curnow, to come cart away the body in his pickup truck, and together they butchered the animal for its meat.
Hepworth Band, directed by Mark Peacock, will feature music from the world of opera, stage and screen as well as original music for brass with a programme that includes Borodin's Polovtsian Dances, Greig's engaging melody Spring, the Overture to the Barber of Seville, A Psalm of Praise by Salvationist composer James Curnow and film music from Indiana Jones.
On the other hand, she may be second in rank to Allen Curnow, our greatest poet.
Master Corporal Richard Curnow (right) first made headlines in Canada when he disappeared on May 5, 2011.
Malcolm Curnow died 12 days later, 43 years after suffering serious injuries in a previous road accident which left him disabled and unfit for work.
The greatest poet of that generation, Allen Curnow (1911-2001), even had a pseudonymous double, "Whim Wham"--the passing fancy that packs a punch--who published weekly poems on current events.
Gary Swainston has been warned he faces jail for causing the death of Malcolm Curnow in November last year.
Tonight we are in Swansea where garage manager Stephanie Morgan Thomas competes against TV cameraman Luke England, telesales employee Ed Curnow and charity worker Helen Foley.