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"Many areas which were once full of nesting curlews have for two decades or more been in schemes that have drastically reduced grazing - and the curlews have now gone," said FUW president Glyn Roberts.
This is bad news for curlews. With less suitable habitats for them to nest and raise their young, their numbers have dwindled.
Dear Editor In his article on the disappearance of the curlew from much of Scotland (Stirling Observer,CountryView May 18), Keith Graham appears to lay the blame with farmers who have reduced space available to them for nesting.
This week's games see Charnwood Blockers looking to reverse current league form at home to Unicorn Curlews whilst Choppers aim to keep the Third Division flag flying at Hugglescote Hornets.
Al Suwaidi said the curlews are largely nocturnal and sing loud, wailing songs.
Toby Collett, a warden at Saltholme, the wildlife reserve and discovery park near Stockton, said: "Most curlews only live about five years, so it seems this old chap - or lady - is still finding the Tees a wonderful place to spend its twilight years.
"Curlews have suffered substantial and widespread declines across Wales in recent decades.
Groups of 17 houbara bustards (Chlamydotis undulata) and 29 stone curlews (Burhinus oedicnemus) kept at 3 different private collections in Dubai were evaluated for the presence of Mycoplasma.
Curlews have fallen up to 30 per cent since 1992 due to habitat and foxes eating its eggs, while warblers fell 40 per cent in Europe - but rose in a warmer UK.
Horse pastures can be ideal habitats for upland species, which have suffered marked declines in recent years - especially lapwings, but also curlews, twites and snipe.
| In the wake of Sunday's World Curlew Day, farmers and birdwatchers across North Wales are being encouraged to report pairs of Curlews in the uplands to the Curlew Cymru project, via the website (it's in the "Projects" section).
CURLEWS have arrived on a Welsh moor that is conserved by the Powys Moorlands Partnership (PMP) project.
These significant changes in landuse make the likelihood of not only curlews but lapwings and skylarks nesting extremely doubtful to say the least.