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a mechanical device consisting of a cylindrical tube around which the hair is wound to curl it

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A bag containing hair curlers used to smuggle live finches into the US for use in singing competitions
Hammy McMillan, Scottish curler and world champion, gave an inspirational talk on his path to the top of the sport, sharing his highs and lows along the way and speaking of the importance of a"growth mindset", determination and staying focussed on your goal.
The Academy was also toasting the success of four younger curlers, David Morton (skip), Andrew McClune, Gareth Owen and Martin Davidson who took the Low RoadTrophy in Pitlochry in the U16s competition.
They are, from back right, Eve Muirhead (Team Muirhead), Vicki Chalmers (Team Muirhead), Seona Crawford (Braehead Young Curlers), Andrew Cromar (Braehead Young Curlers), Lauren Gray (Team Muirhead) and Jennifer Dodds (Team Muirhead).
Bang Min-ja, 55, one of the national team curlers, said she was addicted to the sport since she first played it in 2004.
Summary: London [U.K.], Feb 19 (ANI): Russian curler Alexander Krushelnitsky, who won bronze at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, has been charged with doping offence after testing positive for a banned substance, confirms the Court of Arbitration for Sport.
She told the Manchester Evening News there was a note attached to the garment which read: "Hilda's curlers, headscarf and pinny".
They were found in Jean's wardrobe with a handwritten label reading: "Hilda's curlers, headscarf and pinny." Niece Sonia Hearld, 64, said: "Jean was not overly sentimental but they were a link to her mum and a link to her character."
Jean had attached a hand-written label which read: "Hilda's curlers, headscarf and pinny".
AROUND 1930 Philip Allingham, the brother of the well known author Margery Allingham, sold ladies' hair curlers on the markets of North East of England.
Curling lashes after mascara When it comes to beauty tools, eyelash curlers are a real eye opener - but ensure you clamp pre-mascara, to avoid lashes sticking to the curler plate.
CURLING LASHES AFTER MASCARA EYELASH curlers are an eye-opener but ensure you clamp pre-mascara to avoid lashes sticking to the curler plate.