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shape one's body into a curl

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The HFZ on Curl-up test for boys and girls at age of 10 should perform 12-24 and 12-26 curl-ups, respectively, while for boys and girls at age of 11 should perform 15-28 curl-ups and 15-29 curl-ups, respectively (Meredith and Welk, 2007).
Exercise sessions consisted of a brief callisthenic-type warm up, followed by resistance exercises using the pneumatic machines (PACE Fitness, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA) and floor exercises (push-ups, curl-ups, lunges).The exercise session continued with aerobic activity (jogging, brisk walking, jumping rope) and ended with stretching exercises.
Procedure for Curl-ups: The subject assumed a supine position with knees bent so that the heels are positioned approximately 18 inches from the buttocks.
It is early in the semester, and the curl-up benchmark is one of several Lee is establishing for skills ranging from the mile run to pull-ups.
The supine curl-up is performed with knees bent and feet unanchored, flat on the floor.
OBJECTIVE: To measure abdominal strength and endurance by maximum number of curl-ups performed in one minute.
What seems to be lacking, however, is substantial information on how the activity levels of the muscle groups located in the trunk differ during abdominal bracing and other trunk exercises such as prone plank, curl-ups, or back extensions.
The combination of activities in the resistance component of the program varied from subject to subject, but the same core activities were used (e.g., box jumps, box step up with medicine ball throw, press-ups, and curl-ups).
* Push-Ups (PUS) and Curl-Ups (CUR) in 1 min: The subjects performed the maximum number of repetitions of PUS and CUR in 1 min (14).
She conducted a series of assessments on the students including shuttle runs, curl-ups, and push-ups.
LaMichael James smiled, extended his left arm and did several curl-ups.
For example, while watching television, challenge children (and yourself) to perform curl-ups during the first commercial break, jog in place for the second commercial break, and perform push-ups for the third commercial break.
The FITNESSGRAM Program included determining aerobic capacity (Progressive Aerobic Cardiovascular Endurance Run, [PACER test]), upper body and abdominal strength (push-ups, curl-ups), and flexibility (sit and reach, trunk lift).
I have a pain in my neck when I do curl-ups in gym class.
If, in the past, you successfully completed every aspect of the PRT except for the run, then you need to concentrate on improving the 1.5-mile run while maintaining the other aspects (curl-ups, push-ups and flexibility) of the test.