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books on strange or unusual subjects (especially erotica)

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Como dato curioso encontramos que durante esta epoca toda publicacion periodica debia contar con licencia de las autoridades virreinales para poder salir a la luz publica.
At the end of the interpolated story El curioso impertinente that forms part of the Quixote, Cervantes included an odd passage in which the Cura, who has been reading the story to an audience, offers his judgment on the quality of the piece, declaring "algo tiene del imposible" (630) because it involves a man and wife.
"El CURIOSO IMPERTINENTE" CULMINATES in the death of all three main characters.
Elias Ashmole (1617-92) was described in his day as 'the greatest virtuoso and curioso who was ever known or read of in England before his time', so curioso, I think, that he has not been taken to the heart quite so readily as those other sons of Lichfield, David Garrick and Dr Johnson.
In fact, as readers, we may find ourselves in either camp on any particular day with any particular text, not unlike the priest from Don Quixote's village in the moments leading up to the reading of "El curioso impertinente."
Chapter will be showing broadcasts by Family Curioso who present Dead Landlord, performed and filmed in front of a live studio audience and by Artizani who will be showing Two Cherubs, a kind of heavenly Royle Family.
The broadcasts at Chapter are by Family Curioso, who present Dead Landlord, and Artizani, who will be showing Two Cherubs, a kind of heavenly Royle Family.
Aunque todos los biologos de campo, independientemente de nuestras personales disciplinas, hemos visto y experimentado la actividad de los roedores, no es hasta la lectura de este libro que se aprende del curioso mundo de estos habitantes subterraneos que no solo han desarrollado morfologias muy adaptadas al medio de las galerias sino interesantes adaptaciones fisiologicas al medio de la oscuridad y microambientes bajo el suelo.
John Reid rode a 23-1-plus double on El Curioso and Autumn Rain at Lingfield yesterday, writes Graham Dench.