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If so, members of the Curia weren't necessarily all that receptive.
Benedict XVI had been expected to be a caretaker pope, but proved to be a vigorous defender of the faith who wrote and preached eloquently, began to reform the Curia, and emphasized the need to "open wide the doors of the Church.''
The speech was met with tepid applause, and few were smiling as Francis listed one by one the 15 "Ailments of the Curia" that he had drawn up, complete with footnotes and Biblical references.
Quale modello riorganizzativo ha seguito il Pontefice nella riforma della Curia Romana?
El servicio en la Curia romana posee facetas diferenciadas, relacionadas con la complejidad misma de las instituciones que se reconducen a la sede de Pedro.
The constitution places the Vatican dicasteries at the service of both the pope and the bishops, who are "successors of the apostles" and "are not in an ecclesiological position below those who work in the Roman Curia," the Honduran cardinal said.
In the interview, he suggested the task of cleansing the Curia of spiritual sickness is an ongoing one.
Established by Pope Francis shortly after his pontificate began in 2013, the Council of Cardinals-also known as the 'C9'-serves as an advisory body on Church governance and reform, with special emphasis on the reform of Pastor bonus, the apostolic constitution which governs the Roman Curia.
The address of Pope Francis this year, focused on the curia's relationship with the wider world, especially with other nations, Christian denominations and other religions, particularly Judaism and Islam.
For the third year in a row, Francis' nearly 45-minute holiday address to the Roman Curia, which refers to the Vatican's administration, revolved primarily around his campaign to reform and reorganize the bureaucracy of the Catholic Church, especially to combat corruption.
The Roman Curia is indeed more criticized than understood.