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Effice un cibus ex illes mens, os, cor, pectus, et cunnus de mens.
O Parvo tem a capacidade de juntar numa unica frase o pior som, "caganita," que designa o excremento com forma de bolinhas, e a palavra "coelha" que faz referencia ao 'cunnus.' Esta frase cria uma imagem feminina do Diabo que nao e capaz de "cagar" algo mais grandioso.
Paul Barolsky pointed out that the Latin for rabbit, cuniculus, was often used in the Renaissance to pun on the female pudenda, cunnus, and he suggested that the proximity of the rabbit to the pudenda of Venus in Piero's painting is a similar reference.(54)
He speculates that Eumolpus' anal copulation with the young daughter of Philomela may signify that 'the sexual acts of a young girl or a young bride are anal on the first night, the cunnus being reserved for Priapus under the ius noctis primae.