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United States dancer and choreographer (born in 1922)

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Acton, and the Cunninghams. Of course, it instantly occurred to me that they had broken into your library with the intention of getting at some document which might be of importance in the case."
"The Cunninghams joined us, as you doubtless remember, outside the kitchen door.
I had hardly got the paper, however--which was, as I had expected, in one of them--when the two Cunninghams were on me, and would, I verily believe, have murdered me then and there but for your prompt and friendly aid.
The body of Gary Cunningham, 29, was discovered in Frensham Way, off Station Road, in Harborne, by a delivery driver after the frenzied attack by Olivia Labinjo-Halcrow.
Kate Bex QC, prosecuting at Birmingham Crown Court, said: "On February 23 this year Gary Cunningham died from a stab wound to his left leg, into his calf, just below the knee.
Stephen Cunningham, 32, attacked Grant Mackintosh, 62, with a hammer and knife at his home in Renfrew.
Jack Cunningham overcame cancer and two of the most serious challenges to his tenure as Kane County Clerk to win a fifth term Tuesday.
Shook-Leavitt in Idaho Now Leavitt Inland Pacific, Cunningham New Owner
GREG CUNNINGHAM is heading back to the Premier League after an eight-year absence from the top-flight.
The search for missing Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) employee Timothy Cunningham entered its third week with no clue as to the whereabouts of the 35-year-old, who disappeared after leaving work because he felt sick.
Jermaine Cunningham, 31, of Longwood, planned to supply heroin and crack cocaine in Scarborough along with female accomplice Jaime Johnson.
Cunningham to board of directors' audit and oversight committee with immediate effect.
Stuart Cunningham had pleaded guilty at Warwick Crown Court to possessing a prohibited firearm with intent to endanger life and possessing ammunition when prohibited from doing so.
Cason Cunningham had a few different recruiting pitches to consider after throwing his final inning at Sheldon in 2011.
But Merce Cunningham was, as usual, ahead of the curve.