Cumberland Mountains

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the southwestern part of the Appalachians

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polychroma was described in an ( open-access paper titled "Apheloria polychroma, a new species of millipede from the Cumberland Mountains (Polydesmida: Xystodesmidae)" that appeared online in the journal Zootaxa.
The senior author thanks the Cumberland Mountain Research Center (Lincoln Memorial University) for the use of equipment and vehicles during the duration of this study and the Department of Math and Natural Sciences (Lincoln Memorial University) for support.
Ann League, vice president of Save Our Cumberland Mountains, built her dream house in the Elk Valley of Tennessee, next to the second largest surface mine in the state.
One thing that's clear is the bird's preference for mature deciduous forests throughout the Appalachians, from southeast Pennsylvania to West Virginia, eastern Kentucky and Tennessee's Cumberland Mountains. More than 70 percent of the breeding cerulean warblers live in the Cumberland Mountains, which has seen a resurgence in mining in recent years.
Highway 58 that crosses through Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountain country as it connects the Virginia Piedmont with the Cumberland Mountains. It is also known as Virginia's "Heritage Music Trail", an officially designated driving route that leads to some of the best traditional mountain music in the country.
Traveling on horseback through Leslie County in 1923, Breckinridge spotted a ridge in the Cumberland Mountains far from anything that resembled a town and decided to start there.
In the Cumberland Mountains the first mushrooms appear in April when the oak leaves are the size of a squirrel's ear.
The common raven occurred throughout Kentucky during early European settlement, but it was most notably abundant in the mixed-mesophytic forests of the southeastern Cumberland Mountains and Cliff Section of the Cumberland Plateau (Mengel 1965; Palmer-Ball 1996).
While administration policy has been especially kind to the coal industry, Save Our Cumberland Mountains (SOCM) is fighting back.
Barbourville, located in the Cumberland Mountains and far from any large city, invested nearly $2 million in a fiber optic network to allow residents and businesses direct access to the Internet.
Save Our Cumberland Mountains, a thirty-year-old citizen's group, has submitted a petition to the Department of Interior, asking that the 66,000 acres in the park's watershed be declared "unsuitable for mining."
At the time, the murder trial of this young woman from the small town of Pound, in the Cumberland mountains of south-west Virginia, captured the attention of millions of Americans.
Located in the mineral-rich foothills of the Cumberland Mountains, much of the land that now comprises the Daniel Boone has been mined for coal over the last 100 years.
Of doubtful parentage, he lives for a while with the Turners in the Cumberland Mountains, at a settlement that gives its name to the book.
Cumberland Gap National Historical Park, one of these units, commemorates the historical significance of a primary gap in the Cumberland Mountains that stand atop the plateau.
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