Cumberland Gap

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a pass through the Cumberland Mountains between Virginia and Kentucky that early settlers used in order to move west

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The king of skiffle went to No1 with Cumberland Gap in 1957.
Which British singer's No 1 hits included Cumberland Gap and Gamblin' Man?
Songs on the album include: "John Brown's Body"; "Battle Hymn of the Republic"; "Dixie"; "Maryland, My Maryland"; "The Yellow Rose of Texas"; "The Bonnie Blue Flag"; "Upidee"; "Goober Peas"; '?all Quiet along the Potomac"; "Tenting on the Old Camp Ground"; "The Battle Cry of Freedom'; "Wait for the Wagon"; "We Are Coming Father Abram"; "The Arms of Abraham,'; "lust Before the Battle, Mother"; "Tramp, Tramp, Tramp"; "The Year of Jubilo (Kingdom Coming)"; "Wake, Nicodemus"; "Marching through Georgia"; "When Johnny Comes Marching Home"; "General Patterson"; "The Cumberland Gap"; "Somebody's Darling"; "The Conquered Banner"; and "The President's Grave" The album is an exceptional source for educators as well as Civil War enthusiasts who enjoy listening to the drums and songs of war.
The crater also helped form the Cumberland Gap that allowed early settlers to break through the rugged Appalachians to settle lands to the west.
Skiffle groups - with youngsters using old washboards as instruments - appeared everywhere - and Lonnie Donegan became a star with Cumberland Gap and Gamblin' Man.
But long before that, herds of buffalo, deer, and elk carved the path through Cumberland Gap en route to Kentucky's fertile fields.
King of skiffle LONNIE DONEGAN delivers Rock Island Line, Putting On The Style, Cumberland Gap and Don't You Rock Me Daddy-O.
And headliner Rodney Atkins, whose chart-toppers include "These Are My People", in which the singer from Cumberland Gap, Tenn., flies the flag for the rural South, declaring: "These are my people / This is where I come from." "The essence of the song is that we're in this together," Atkins says in an interview.
This plant was subsequently found in many locales in eastern North America, with the greatest abundance seen in the Cumberland Gap region of southern Appalachia.
This plant was later found in many locales in eastern North America, especially n the Cumberland Gap region of Appalachia.
A74 - 'The Cumberland Gap', the six mile A road between Carlisle and Gretna frequently comes to a standstill as it is one of the only routes linking Scotland and England.
The Glasgow-born skiffle legend is Scotland's most successful chart star to date clocking up 321 weeks in the charts with 30 top 30 hits including three No.1s - Cumberland Gap, Gamblin' Man/Puttin' On The Style (both in 1957) and My Old Man's A Dustman (1960).
Major tailbacks were a result of the accident, which happened at 4am in an area known locally as the Cumberland Gap.
Summer birds of Cumberland Gap National Historic Park.
Pork producer Smithfield Foods has gained regulatory clearance for its proposed acquisition of a 90% stake in Cumberland Gap Provision.
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