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a port city in northeastern Venezuela on the Caribbean Sea

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Some sailed like seafaring nomads together with their shackled slaves to Cabo de la Vela, while others went to Margarita and Cumana in search of new pearl banks.
At noon we were at Cumana City, the "first born" of the mainland Spanish cities (founded 1525), and from there on we were entering into terra incognita for the senior author, and terra almost so for the junior.
The same is true of the shores of Paria and of Cumana and of Guayana and of the islands that form a gigantic arc in the Caribbean.
Richard Hannon, trainer of Cumana Bay "She's so tough and never runs a bad race.
ROCKAVON (of the Sunday Mail) Today's nap: CUMANA BAY (1.
Lingfield winner Mr Willis remains one to keep on side in the future but there was a lot to like about the performance of runner-up Cumana Bay in the seven-furlong handicap.
April 24 from Glasgow, 14 nights self-catering in Gran Canaria, at the three-star Cumana Apartments in Puerto Rico, costs pounds 216 per adult.
Sucre wants to build near the city of Cumana, on the deep and calm waters of the Gulf of Cariaco.
Toyota, the third largest car manufacturer in Venezuela (after General Motors and Ford) is so optimistic about the coming year that it is expanding its manufacturing facility in Cumana.
l Departing December 4 from Dublin, 7 nights in Gran Canaria, staying in the Cumana Apartments in Puerto Rico costs e289 per adult and e259 per child.
Acting on a tip from Britain's foreign intelligence service, National Guard soldiers found the cocaine in houses outside Cumana, about 270 miles from the capital Caracas, said General Alexis Maneiro Gomez.
Subjects were seated in a small experimental room in front of a British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Model B Microcomputer with a Cumana (model 5400) floppy disk drive and a Kaga Denshi (model KG- 12NB-N) computer monitor.
In army fatigues and his famous red beret, Chavez lashed out recently at his opponents during a big rally in Cumana, 300 km east of Caracas.
Broomrape, Orobanche cumana, is a parasitic plant with no capacity for making chlorophyll on its own.