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glass tube closed at one end

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Biofilms were developed on 6-mm cellulose disks (Becton Dickinson and Company, Sparks, MD) in 15-mL culture tubes containing 5 mL of BHI broth.
The 10-3 dilutions of the 1 McFarland suspension were further prepared and then inoculated into the MGIT 960 culture tube supplemented with oleic acid, albumin, dextrose, and catalase (OADC).
In this concentration, in hermetically sealed culture tubes, proline accumulation was 32% higher than in the presence of 15 g [L.sup.-1] sucrose.
(2) Collect the filtrate in a sterile culture tube to obtain spore suspension.
A) Example of in vitro medium with Xyleborus glabratus galleries after removal from the glass culture tube. Several adult X.
Survival was calculated from each culture tube and percentage data were arcsin transformed for all statistical analysis.
glass culture tube used to package the company's collagen vascular grafts.
After mixing the contents of each culture tube by gently inverting them a few times, the culture tubes were incubated at a slanted position at 37 [degrees]C for 72h.
All NPAs were added to an additional LLC-MK2 cell culture tube and incubated at 33[degrees]C.
Estradiol and estradiol-[d.sub.3] were eluted with 4.0 mL of methanol into a 13 x 100 mm culture tube. The methanol was evaporated under a gentle stream of nitrogen in a 60 [degrees]C water bath.
coli was transferred onto the finger of one of the gloves and then, after a period of seconds, transferred from the finger into a nutrient broth in a culture tube. There was bacterial growth in each of the test tubes.
After Park invented a "culture tube" to store cotton swabs rubbed against the tonsils or pseudomembranes of suspected diphtheria victims, the Board of Health established 34 depots where doctors could pick up and drop off the portable tubes and receive results by noon the next day.
The spectrophotometer was calibrated to a transmittance reading of 100% using a culture tube containing 10 ml of FW1 medium.
coli are mixed directly in the culture tube, transconjugants are observed in as little as 2 h (and might be apparent even earlier if more frequent time points had been taken).
The data were recorded for number of explants forming shoot, number of shoots and shoot length per explant (one explant per culture tube) for 10 days.
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