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a condition of disorientation affecting someone who is suddenly exposed to an unfamiliar culture or way of life or set of attitudes

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Culture Shock or Acculturation Stress: After coming to Austria, most of our respondents did not experience any cultural shock (Respondents 2, 4, 5 and 7).
They realize that the problems were not racial, but endemic to "fast cultural shock."
MNCs' HR professionals must train "expatriates and their family" with native language, social behaviors, and cultural norms to avoid cultural shock and ease transition to a host country.
This cultural shock set me napping and thus, on my arrival to Nigeria decided to form another organisation that will engage the Yoruba in the Diaspora on their heritage values and culture'.
Once there, she is woefully unprepared for cultural shock, making many mistakes until finally finding her footing, and ultimately herself, during her months in New Zealand.
This was already a small cultural shock. But when I first trained, I knew why we did it!
In a country like Egypt, though ballet is always considered a symbol of beauty, luxury, and smoothness, seeing a ballerina dancing in the crowded streets can be a cultural shock for many.
Having spelled out the crucial theme of values, the narrator is quick to add that a large extended family which had emigrated to the United States earlier was now waiting to embrace them and help them get on their feet without having to experience too much cultural shock. Almost from the outset, the autobiography introduces the reader to what will become a resourceful multigenerational story, with its cultural continuities.
I found it a complete cultural shock and struggled at first.
And despite the distance, the loneliness they must feel, the cultural shock that comes with being 'a stranger in a strange land,' these women's Filipino-ness comes to the fore.
It was a cultural shock. I tried to see all the performances.
There will be cultural shock in Denmark for the young American artists when they see four hundred-year-old straw houses and bicycle riding locals.
"Expatriates coming to Qatar often face a cultural shock. Many of them have never lived in the Middle East, let alone in the Gulf, where traditions and customs are very particular and often foreign to them," say the organisers, explaining the importance of their culture sessions, "This lack of awareness leads to negative living experience for the expatriate community, which in some cases ends up in lack of adjustment.
Living in Paris, did you experience a cultural shock and, if so, has your practice changed?
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