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a group of people working together to advance certain cultural goals

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The best branding today is based on a cultural movement idea.
Summary: An independent 'cultural movement' agency has gatecrashed the UAE's ad party, writes Iain Akerman
But fundamentalisms are not living cultural movements however powerful they may be.
He reminds us that the civil rights movement, like all cultural movements, is about the people who make up the families, which make up the neighborhoods, which make up the cities, which make up our nation.
However, despite the acknowledgment of this influence, no previous study has appeared which seriously investigates the connection between the two cultural movements in depth.
This volume proposes to defamiliarize a familiar subject: the reception of a cultural movement, or, perhaps better, some reactions to some cultural movements throughout some places distant from what might be characterized as the Italian sphere of influence, as it were, The Civilisation of the Renaissance Way Outside Italy.
Here, he attempts to understand these cultural movements, their key themes and trends, and the effects on culture in Britain and the US.
Maginnis opens with an eloquent and useful prologue that describes the major cultural movements of the preceding thirteenth century, particularly the "recovery of Aristotle and...
Political, social, and cultural movements have been attractive to gay people because they have traditionally had the least invested in the status quo.
"But sometimes the past created the future by breaking the shackles of the present." Assael was borrowing the words of University of Texas at Dallas Professor Frederick Turner, words describing the apparently cyclical nature of cultural movements. Like Turner, Assael hopes that a decaying modernism will lead to an aesthetic rebirth.
Graz has long been a place from which cultural movements of one kind or another could erupt.
Topics addressed include key figures such as Amiri Baraka, Larry Neal, Gwendolyn Brooks, Sonia Sanchez, Betye Saar, Jeff Donaldson, and Haki Madhubuti; the racial and sexual politics of the time; links with other period cultural movements; the arts in prison; the role of Black colleges and universities; gender politics; the rise of feminism; color fetishism; photography; and music.
In each of the following chapters -- on Hamlet, Othello, Macbeth, and King Lear respectively -- Berry performs a similar operation of teasing out wordplay, unearthing half-buried imagery, uncovering layers of imagery, and bolstering her findings with connections made to a broad range of Renaissance cultural movements and works of art, pulled with seeming effortlessness out of an impressive erudition.
Discussing the sources of cultural movements, Peter Blundell Jones draws interesting parallels between the conditions that have made the city of Graz so fertile in all the arts at present, and those in other 'second cities' where the arts seem to have suddenly taken root and flowered.
Topics include news blogging, the challenges blogs pose to journalism and public relations, publishing, blogs behind business firewalls, economics, legislation and litigation, online education, the academe, politics, gender issues, new cultural movements such as that of disability, international understanding, subcultures, and fiction writing.
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