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belief in the superiority of one's own ethnic group

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The Brotherhood's statement drips with this trademark paranoid cultural chauvinism and siege mentality, warning that the UN declaration "would lead to complete disintegration of society, and would certainly be the final step in the intellectual and cultural invasion of Muslim countries".
While this was part of cultural chauvinism which could have been premised on the claims of the likes of Trevor Roper who argued that Africa had no past and the colonialists had brought history to the continent, it could also have been a deliberate ploy to 'break' the locals politically by debasing their symbols of unity and identity.
Deng rightly noted that Northern Sudanese racism and cultural chauvinism, therefore, condemns both the very dark and the very light.
While Leyla's comfortably middle-class Indian Muslim family includes a mother (Siddiqua Akhtar) whose cultural chauvinism and single-minded drive to see her daughter get hitched border on Yiddishe-mama territory, Tala's obscenely rich Christian Jordanian brood boasts a socialite morn (Antonia Frering) who leans heavily toward Cruella de Vil.
And that, far more than cultural chauvinism, is where the worry lies.
Based on true events, The Indolent Boys explores the cultural chauvinism that empowered Indian schools and their zeal to "civilize" American Indians, so clearly expressed by the motto of Richard Henry Pratt, the founder of the movement: "Kill the Indian and save the man.
The author is optimistic that cultural awareness can overcome cultural chauvinism in this globalized age.
Pitts begins her story with the overlapping critiques by Smith and Burke of Britain's imperial vision and the cultural chauvinism that nurtured it.
Racial ideologies and cultural chauvinism amplified the class and gender segregation that underlay middle-class English people's desire to live on urban fringes in India.
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