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the branch of anthropology that deals with human culture and society

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Today, they and the cultural anthropologists are making a second career of trying to destroy the credibility and legitimacy of those who, horror of horrors, suggest evolution and our genetic inheritance influence human behavior and social institutions.
Instead of providing an insightful, probing work exploring the intersections of anthropology and the military, the book provides a glimpse into the tribal narrative cultural anthropologists have weaved for themselves.
students, actors, directors, and cultural anthropologists from Spain, England, Hungary, Poland, Australia and South Africa.
Remis continued: "This research reinforces the value of biological and cultural anthropologists working together.
But of particular importance to cultural anthropologists is the effect of one of the tribe's key distinctions: They survived as hunters without benefit of horses.
anthropologists." (6) American cultural anthropologists have
We're cultural anthropologists first, advertisers second".
The majority of the authors, as well as the editors, are cultural anthropologists; a few contributions come from sociologists and cultural geographers.
Cultural anthropologists and sociologists will be both tantalized and frustrated.
Thompson, Richard Hoggart and Eric Hobsbawm, and cultural anthropologists such as Clifford Geertz and Sidney Mintz.
It should be required reading for any ecologists planning or designing major restoration/projects, along with archaeologists, historians, cultural anthropologists, and tribal scholars.
Star-crossed have been the efforts to bring to print the papers from the first scientific gathering on ethnoastronomy, held when cultural anthropologists were just beginning to catch sight of the potential importance of investigating sky knowledge among indigenous cultures.
Cultural anthropologists invoke the local episteme to critique Western ideologies and paradigms, without actually revealing the at once fleshy and abstract mechanics of how these are subverted and/or transformed.
Cultural anthropologists have now found some Pygmy human tribes, the Efe and the Aka, who use the same system.
National Geographic's net proceeds will go to the World Cultures Fund, supporting the work of archaeologists, cultural anthropologists and artists.
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