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a variety of a plant developed from a natural species and maintained under cultivation

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2[degrees]C differs between cultivars and may, in some cases, abort culture in mild winter climates (CLARK et al.
Usually, softneck varieties produce between 8 and 20 cloves per bulb, and some cultivars contain cloves numbering in the upper 30s.
Many control approaches have been applied to minimize the losses incurred by stripe rust, but growing resistant cultivars is the most economical, environmentally friendly, and effective method to control stripe rust in wheat (Li and Zeng, 2002; Wan et al.
The other wheat cultivars (Pirsabaq-2004, Saleem-2000, Atta-Habib, Khushal-69, Sarhad-82 and Khyber-87) also did not show any antixenosis or tolerance category of resistance to the R.
0 (StatSoft 2004) to identify groups of soybean cultivars with different degrees of resistance to H.
The term "wine grapes" in this article refers to vinifera and resistant cultivars.
Aromas, Camarosa, Dover, Festival, Oso Grande and Sweet Charlie, which are cultivated in the United States, and Tudla, which is cultivated in Spain, can be highlighted among the most widely cultivated strawberry cultivars in Brazil.
It is the aim of this study to find the biological parameters affecting lentil seeds germination and viability, and the various stored lentil beetles and weevils infesting several lentil cultivars collected from farms stores of different parts of Jordan to detect cultivars infestation by the weevils and beetles stored insects to help in finding effective control practices in lentil stores.
Cultivar CIM-707 by having medium K+/Na+ ratio, showed better K+ utilization, and identified as most tolerant genotype to salinity.
Therefore, this study aimed to characterize the cultivars currently used in the production of upland rice with respect to their tolerance to [Al.
The seeds of eight castor cultivars were sown during first week of July during 2013-2014 with spacing of 0.
Such industry characteristics result in programmatic differences in the number and type of crosses made, type of plants selected, and numbers of cultivars released.
In this context, this study investigated the influence of the soaking variables (temperature and time of immersion in water) on the technological (milling degree and head yield), proximate composition, apparent amylose content and cooking time and yield, as well as consumer acceptance of parboiled rice of two upland cultivars (BRS Primavera and BRS Sertaneja).
Due to varying environmental conditions from north to south (in the southern parts of Punjab province and most parts of Sindh province) in Pakistan the cotton- wheat-cotton rotation with late maturing cotton cultivars results in delayed wheat planting that ultimately affects the wheat production.