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Synonyms for cul-de-sac

dead end

Synonyms for cul-de-sac

a course leading nowhere

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Utmost care was taken not to spill any drop of alchohol in to the conjunctival culdesac. The ablation is set for 6.5 mm optical and 2.5 mm blend zone (Overall 9 mm).
(15) Additional lot-related variables include a corner lot location (CORNER), a cul-de-sac location (CULDESAC); and a series of lot improvement dummy variables that account for the presence of a pooh either an above-ground (ABPOOL), an in-ground (INPOOL), or a spa (SPA).
Silent Filter feaurting Culdesac, Culdesac, Ronin, Self Esteem Engine, Chloe Anderton and Alex Aitken: O2 Academy, Horsefair, Birmingham.
In our report A Road Map for Russia: Is Russia's Economy Heading Down a CuldeSac?
It's a hook on which to hang lots of other activities." The tourism authority plans to turn Hartlepool's natural geographic culdesac to advantage.