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Italian salt-cured ham usually sliced paper thin

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Included within this pantheon, the lesser known, highly-prized culatello, the king of cured meats, originating from the large muscle on the hind leg of the pig, then salted and aged for a minimum of 14 months.
With prescience and patience he studies his art form, culatello, much like I envision Michelangelo with marble.
Soon we discover the secret of great culatello: proximity to the Po.
Finally, we divided the hind legs into two muscles, the larger culatello and the smaller, slightly inferior, fico.
Spigaroli held every part of the pig in such high regard, not just the "Hollywood cuts." We rubbed the culatello down with red wine and salt, the same salt used to produce the local Parmesan cheese wheels from Zibello, just four kilometers via Strada Provincale.
The item aficionados are most eagerly anticipating is culatello, a costly delicacy even in its home country.
You can find out all about the field trips--to dine and shop and see how such specialties as Culatello di Zibello, a ham more prized even than prosciutto di Parma or Parmigiano Reggiano, are made--at his elegant and easy-to-use Web site,, which is itself a sort of testimonial.
* CAVALLINO BIANCO, POLESINE PARMENSE (PR), TEL: +39 0524-96136.This is the spot to savor Italy's most prestigious ham, Culatello di Zibello, made by the great-grandson of the man who used to make it for Giuseppe Verdi.
There, retired Boeing engineer Armandino Batali creates a number of handmade salamis (mole, with a hint of dark cocoa, is a special treat), signature lamb prosciutto, coppa and culatello, described as "heart of prosciutto," with meticulous care.
The range comprises Culatello di Zibello DOP (Protected Origin Denomination), which is a prestigious and exclusive Italian meat.
The whey is destined for pig farms that produce Parma ham and culatello (made from only a part of the ham) and salami.
New Delhi, June 5 (ANI): David Beckham reportedly loves to dig into Italian delicacy Culatello, which translates as "little bum" and is made out of pig's rears.
La Quercia Prosciutto Americano is actually a culaccia or culatello con cotenna, made from the premium part of the rear leg--the nicely marbled and uniform rear muscles, and dry cured using only sea salt in the process.
Stories include Carlo getting the nod at AC Milan because previous boss Fatih Terim had banned Culatello salami from the training ground, and his favourite nosh at Real Madrid, tortellini y meringues ("one look at it and you gain weight.