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ball used in playing billiards

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The seven-time Sheffield champion is playing well and hitting the centre of the cueball again under the tutelage of experienced coach Chris Henry, who also teaches Luca Brecel.
The 26-year-old looked set to pull within two in the 16th after clearing up but the cueball rolled into the pocket to gift Yupeng a dream debut.
Too often, in the final two frames, the Welsh left-hander struggled to control the cueball.
We're hoping it's the same shade of white as his old Fiat 500, in which he was wont to play motorway snooker on long journeys such was its resemblance to a cueball.
During the first general session, Brewers Association president Charlie Papazian brought a prop to the stage--a cueball. Mr.
IN the national junior billiards ranking event at Rileys Cueball Club in Derby, Ryan Clark opened with a break of 49 to beat Dan Westwood (King's Lynn) 376-110, while Michael Williams (Hartlepool) knocked in a 31 to beat Christopher Drew (King's Lynn) 248-186.
The Jam House, St Paul's Square 0121 200 3030' 7th Son: Royal Hotel, Sutton 0121 355 8222' The Dave Tickle Band, 9pm: The Station, Kings Heath 0121 444 1257' Cracked Actors/ Boys in the Wood/ Cueball 8/ Cupid Stunt/ The Lobotomies/ Officer Down, 12pm: Epic Skate Park, Moseley.
Sounding as if was recorded live in the studio, with organic drums driving the session, opener Cueball Bobbin' boasts a big distortion guitar riff, and Frontman has a rock-blues foundation, too.
"I just could not get hold of the cueball. It was driving me nuts," said White who missed out on his first final since the 2000 British Open at Plymouth.
Kingpin, Descent 3, Sacrifice, Baldur's Gate 2, MDK 2, Jimmy White's Cueball World, F/A-18E Super Hornet, Messiah, the Fallout series and Icewind Dale are all due for release.
8 (16) Jimmy White's 2: Cueball - PlayStation/PC/Game Boy Color
The ball doubled the points of the pocket, rolled out toward the middle of the table and, cut back by the rebounding cueball, fell softly and deadsquare in.
Pep Guardiola, of course, is the rough, tough diamond geezer baldly going where no cueball has ever gone for Manchester City.
Peaker made a modest run of 25 and, after Bowden had fouled when playing with his opponent's cueball, he made a further 32.
"Cueball" Hastings getting a shillelagh, and two senior students, Brendan Cutler and Brian McDonald, receiving $500 each from the Tommy Grealis Awards.