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sports implement consisting of a tapering rod used to strike a cue ball in pool or billiards

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Meanwhile, show evidences a leering interest in the sexuality of female religious figures, from a comedy number by hoodlums about persuading a "Lady in the Long Black Dress" to kick the habit, to a biker bar scene in which Mary Robert is sniffed at, manhandled and thrown around as a snarling sister (Audrie Neenan) warns pole dancers they're "Goin' to Hell" while she wards off vampires with a improvised cross of cue sticks.
Players use cue sticks and "tee off" from dots situated around the table.
He returned to his childhood passion in 1989, setting up shop in the tiny Four Corners berg of Yellow Jacket to craft top-of-the-line cue sticks. Bucking the industry trend towards computer-aided design, Fuller and his wife Trudy handcraft woods and other materials from all over the globe to supply a market of professionals and avid amateurs looking for a cue of distinction.