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Synonyms for cud

food of a ruminant regurgitated to be chewed again

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a wad of something chewable as tobacco

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Given these specifications, a genetically engineered pig that is the offspring of a mother pig, even if it is transformed into a cud-chewing, split-hoofed creature, will not be declared kosher by most authorities.
If you've got visions of our cud-chewing buddies and plates of French fries forget it.
Unlike insects that compensate for protein-poor diets by eating more, cud-chewing animals like sheep tend to eat less, Owensby says.
cud-chewing movement that has become his trademark.
No Swiss traditional parade worth its salt is complete without its cud-chewing, udder-swinging, bell-ringing contingent.
We could referendum the antidiscrimination bill back in; proclaim a statewide Day of Public Atonement for Poor Citizenship, which ought to entail humiliating, slightly painful rituals for each Mainer (especially our bomb-happy secretary of defense); and, of course, abolish Christianity, at least in its fundamentalist, ovine, cud-chewing variety.
If Brooks Simpson's book diminishes the incessant scholarly cud-chewing about Henry Adams, it will have performed a notable public service.
Recent laboratory experiments indicate BSE can also be passed to sheep and other cud-chewing animals.
Indeed, early on in Hot Air, Kurtz discusses the typical consumer of media as a cud-chewing passive recipient: "All the yammering out there undoubtedly reflects a populace fixated on the new and the novel, remote controls firmly in hand, grazing across the land of talk.
Cud-chewing Black Angus wander dusty, rolling fields that once formed the core of the school's agriculture-based curriculum.
According to the indoor estimates of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, cud-chewing animals account for about a sixth of the world's total emissions of methane.