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Synonyms for cuckoo

Synonyms for cuckoo

a man who is a stupid incompetent fool

repeat monotonously, like a cuckoo repeats his call

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La calibracion de los hidrometros se basa en el principio de Arquimedes donde el valor de masa del instrumento es evaluado tanto en el aire como en un liquido, preferiblemente de densidad conocida, con el cual sea posible verificar el comportamiento de la escala graduada del mismo al producirse un desplazamiento de este liquido, a este metodo se le conoce como el Metodo de Cuckow.
T-Bag and Feminem debate this in blunt political terms, but Craddock and Cuckow, also the show's lyricists, shrewdly leave the rhetoric to their narrators.
David Goddard and partner Nina Cuckow, both 31, told how firefighters spent over an hour tackling a blaze at their pounds 150,000 villa in East Kilbride, Lanarkshire.
Fourth is Speght's 1602 edition of Chaucer's Works; rather surprisingly, Jonson singled out two poems now regarded as non-Chaucerian, The Remedie of Loue and The Cuckow and the Nightingale.
In most of his pieces, where he designs an imaginary Scene, he certainly copies it from a real Landskape: So in his Cuckow and Nightingale, the Morning walk he takes was such as at this day may be traced from his House through part of the Park, and down by the Brook into the Vale under Blenheim Castle,(m) as certainly as we may assert that Maples(m) instead of Phylireas, were the ornaments round the Bower; which Place he likewise describes in his Dream, as a white Castle standing upon a hill(o); the Scene in that Poem being laid in Woodstock Park.
The small Birds are singing--Lambs bleating, Cuckow calling--The Thrush sings by Fits, Thomas Ashburner's axe is going quietly (without passion) in the orchard--Hens are cackling, Flies humming, the women talking together at their doors--Plumb & pear trees are in Blossom, apple trees greenish the opposite woods green, the crows are cawing.
a "gay rap opera" written and performed by Chris Craddock and Nathan Cuckow.
The brainchild of Chris Craddock and Nathan Cuckow, the show borrows the homophobic energy of the rap world to tell the story of two gay lovers and the hateful bashing that finally provokes one of them to revenge.