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a variety of spittlebug

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They're responsible for the "cuckoo-spit" we all notice clinging to flower stems from the shoreline to gardens - step forward the Common Froghopper!
Honeycomb, flies' eyes, frog spawn, cuckoo-spit -- choose your organic simile.
It's a cuckoo-spit glob of boarded-up shops, run-down pubs and a lonely bookie's office nestled amongst dense hilly forestry and unkempt crowns of ferns sitting atop the dilapidated remains of once bustling pit works.
Quiz of the Day ANSWERS: 1 Italy; 2 Cuckoo-spit; 3 Persian; 4 Fanny Cradock; 5 Egypt; 6 A pipette; 7 The Goodbye Girl; 8 West Ham United; 9 Rick Stein; 10 Artie Shaw.
ANSWERS: 1 Princess Beatrice; 2 Three Mile Island; 3 Airplane; 4 Cuckoo-spit; 5 The Medici family; 6 Nicholas Parsons; 7 Cole Porter; 8 The Barbican Theatre, London; 9 Elizabeth; 10 Guy Gibson.