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Synonyms for cuckold

a man whose wife committed adultery

be sexually unfaithful to one's partner in marriage

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The brief but official-looking statement, stamped with the FFC's seal and hosted on the commission's website ( read , "Dear American citizenry, we're sorry Ajit Pai is such a filthy spineless cuck. Sincerely, the FCC."
Relationships inform our identity, and a link can be drawn from our culture's sexual pathologies into tribalism and political instability (for instance in the alt-right's adoption of the word "cuck").
The BuzzFeed article explored such aspects of alt-right culture as the Pepe the Frog character and the emergence of the resonant term "cuckservative." With its etymological links to "cuckold" and "cuckoo bird," "cuck" was a term for that kind of establishment conservative who, wittingly or not, devotes his resources and energy to nurturing other people's children at the expense of his own.
of bubba, brother) COCOA CUCKER (punisher by cucking stool: Urban Dict., not pronounced; + W3, cuck and-er = schwa)
(1) Kirundi (Niger-Congo, Bantu) (adapted from Mel' cuck and Bakiza 1997: 286) a.
For the duck breasts: Season cuck breasts with salt and pepper.
ak Prism small sofa Wedgwood Cuck both from John a, Kiana; and, right, koo teacup and saucer, Lewis Edge coffee table, above, from Brighton Pod; doormat, top, from Dunelm Mill; and 3-D gerbera cushion, below, pounds 35, from M&S BRIGHT BUNCH: A BRIGHT yellow Edge coffee table, pounds 350, or a multi-coloured Pouffe cushion, pounds 500, both Fashion Vintage floral bedset, from pounds 49.50, from Marks and Spencer Eve in Damson wallpaper, from the Hanama collection, by Graham & Brown Vintage Garden bedlinen, from pounds 24.50, from Bhs Portmeirion Dawn Chorus teacups, teapot, cake stand and large jug Anoushka collection curtains, in Alina, sofa in Amaranta Checks & Stripes, wallpaper in Be eella Stripe, and cushions in Lilia, all from Harlequin
Win writes, "And so the cuck swears, she will pin the dish-clout to mistress's tail." Mary expresses it thus: "I would rather than a Quart of Ale, / He would come into our Kitchin, and I would pin a Dishclout to his Tail" (32-33).
Chris Sununu himself, called the "top cuck," a neo-Nazi insult indicating weakness when it comes to fighting liberals and minorities.