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Synonyms for cub

Synonyms for cub

an awkward and inexperienced youth

a male child (a familiar term of address to a boy)

the young of certain carnivorous mammals such as the bear or wolf or lion

give birth to cubs

References in classic literature ?
For, listen, child of man, I loved thee more than ever I loved my cubs.
The cub is mine, and to my teeth he will come in the end, O bush-tailed thieves
A muffled roar came up from behind the rocks--the voice of Shere Khan crying: "The cub is mine.
Now, the Law of the Jungle lays down that if there is any dispute as to the right of a cub to be accepted by the Pack, he must be spoken for by at least two members of the Pack who are not his father and mother.
O Akela, and ye the Free People," he purred, "I have no right in your assembly, but the Law of the Jungle says that if there is a doubt which is not a killing matter in regard to a new cub, the life of that cub may be bought at a price.
Then Shere Khan would flatter them and wonder that such fine young hunters were content to be led by a dying wolf and a man's cub.
Tabaqui came to me not long ago with some rude talk that I was a naked man's cub and not fit to dig pig-nuts.
It was because of this that I paid the price for thee at the Council when thou wast a little naked cub.
Oh, thou art a man's cub," said the Black Panther very tenderly.
There speaks the man's cub," said Bagheera proudly.
No man's cub can run with the people of the jungle," howled Shere Khan.
This cattle-killer said he would kill me in the Council because he had not killed me when I was a cub.
Now I know thou art a man, and a man's cub no longer.
Zoo officials said that Rani had once given birth to two stillborn cubs and in June 2017, gave birth to four cubs that died because she did not feed them.
The Cubs may indeed sign Darvish to a big free-agent contract before the 2018 baseball season starts, but they were going to add veteran catchers anyway, and Gimenez happens to be one of them.