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an ancient unit of length based on the length of the forearm

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To conclude: no man can by care taking (as the Scripture saith) add a cubit to his stature, in this little model of a man's body; but in the great frame of kingdoms and commonwealths, it is in the power of princes or estates, to add amplitude and greatness to their kingdoms; for by introducing such ordinances, constitutions, and customs, as we have now touched, they may sow greatness to their posterity and succession.
I had nevertheless a fancy for seeing the stars once more and feeling the breath of heaven upon my bandaged temples, which impelled me to search for that which should add a cubit to my stature.
"'When you have reached this spot, as I now tell you, dig a trench a cubit or so in length, breadth, and depth, and pour into it as a drink-offering to all the dead, first, honey mixed with milk, then wine, and in the third place water--sprinkling white barley meal over the whole.
Two other very plausible explanations exist: First, the great flaming star, a foot broad, and a cubit high, which fell from heaven, as every one knows, upon the law courts, after midnight on the seventh of March; second, Théophile's quatrain,--
The Histories of Herodotus [23, page 21] described the walls surrounding the city of Babylon as "fifty royal cubits wide and two hundred high (the royal cubit is three inches longer than the ordinary cubit)" An accompanying note to the text provides the information given in parentheses, and the end note reports these values as "exceedingly high" raising questions about the height of these walls which would be well over three-hundred feet high if the royal cubit of 20 inches is implied, or 100 meters if the royal cubit is 50 cm.
A gate, the height is 1/2 rod, 2 cubits [1 rod equals 11 cubits], the breadth 2 cubits.
The well has a long marble column in its centre, supported by a wooden beam from the top and marked with 17 cubits. The ideal level of the Nile was 16 cubits; less than 16 was considered a drought and more, a devastating flood.
are going to visit Armenia on 12-16 June of the current year, Estonian co-founder of the People's Diplomacy Mission, Meulis Cubits,
A graduated column made of granite can be seen at the centre of the well, and is divided into 19 cubits (a cubit equals 56cm).
To briefly review, the Ark was made of acacia wood, overlaid with gold, and measured two and a half cubits by one and a half cubits by one and a half cubits (Ex.
He claimed that Stonehenge had been built in Hebrew cubits, 'being the measure us'd by the Druids'.
(See Figure 1.) A second rectangle is then constructed wherein each side is parallel to and 2,000 cubits from the corresponding side of the first rectangle.
Students may make cubit sticks, and measure different objects in the classroom in cubits.
Try this problem guys: What is the distance in a) meters b) yards and c) cubits between persuasion and presumption?
You Stylites might have guessed/that sainthood's built, as Babel was: ground-up.//Or that cubits more of pillar can amplify/only the eye, leaving the voice to Doppler's mercy/and distance.