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a metric unit of volume or capacity equal to 1000 liters

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Thika dam has a storage capacity of 70,000,000 cubic metres at full storage level of 2,041 metres above sea level and a depth average of 65m.
0 million standard cubic metres of gas per day or around 10.
Sayed El Ashry, the chairperson of the National Authority for Potable Water and Sewage, said that the 16 stations to be implemented include four in Matruh--the expansions of Sidi Barani and Ramleya 3, in addition to New Dabaa with a total capacity of 34,000 cubic metres.
Andreas Manoli, director of the water development department, told the Cyprus Mail: "If 30 million cubic metres more is collected by the end of the season in March and April, there will be enough for two more years.
Emdad, a joint venture between Emarat, Air BP and Shell Trading Private Limited, has an aviation fuel storage facility with a capacity of 155,000 cubic metres.
The AFED released a report, entitled The Green Economy in a Changing Arab World, which predicted that by 2015 the annual per capita water share in the region would drop to less than 500 cubic metres.
Another tanker with 4,000 cubic metres capacity was later added as part of phase two of the project, said officials.
Forouz gas field is located in the Persian Gulf near Kish island and has 700 billion cubic metres of gas reserves," Mirkazemi said, adding that when brought on stream the field could produce around 70 million cubic metres of gas daily.
Summary: The demand for natural gas on the domestic market is expected to range between 50 and 63 billion cubic metres by 2018, Nadjib Otmane, President of the Executive Committee of the Electricity and Gas Regulatory Commission (CREG), said Thursday here.
2 billion cubic metres of water in 2017 while resources would be only 71.
But as of February 2001, there are only 6 bn cubic metres of usable water".
Verwater & Zonen for the construction of 264,000 cubic metres of petroleum storage at its Amsterdam terminal.
Acting MD Nahashon Muguna yesterday said Thika dam's storage stood at 34 million cubic metres, representing 49 per cent of its full capacity.