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a number that when multiplied three times equals a given number

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In this paper we present neat geometric ways to reason about estimation of square roots and cube roots that are not accessible with simple routine techniques.
We have shown that with some graphical support we can find cube roots of any number with ease.
The numerical tables follow with a reciprocal table, multiplication tables for the principal numbers 50-1;15, a table of square roots, and of cube roots.
Indian engineer K K Thomas was recognised for his ability to extract square roots of 10-digit numbers and cube roots of 15-digit numbers - without using a calculator or pen and paper.
He completed square roots within 30 seconds and cube roots within a minute, said a Limca spokesman.
The individual artworks might he called cube roots, since they all feature six elements branching off from foundational boxes.
We performed a PCA on the cube roots of the heights of 356 peaks across the original 24 samples.
If simple power patterns using square roots and cube roots can be shown repeatedly in response to advertising, within a theoretical construct like cognitive orthogony, both the applied and theoretical sides of those experimental issues can be examined, together, with increasing understanding.
The most dazzling performance comes in act two, when Jay simultaneously plays a mind-blowing game of mental checkers (exclusively using a chess knight's move to hopscotch across a grid of 64 squares without hitting any square twice); calls out the cube roots of seemingly randomly selected numbers up to a million; and tosses out snatches of verse from a Shakespeare play (randomly chosen by an audience member, naturally).
Square roots, cube roots and power numbers of figures nominated by the pupils flowed staccato-style from Mr Gamm, his eyes closed and jaw clenched in concentration.
Recently, my fourth-grade class used the function box as an aid in learning about squares, cubes, square roots, and cube roots and, most exciting of all, in deriving the rules for finding the circumference and area of circles.